Get the Crashtest Security certificate

Prove your continuous security effort and status to your customers.

  • Showcase your continuous security approach
  • Website badge and signed PDF certificate
  • Available for web apps and APIs


What is the Crashtest Security Certificate

Extensive vulnerability scanning

The Crashtest Security certificate is trusted proof that you apply continuous security scanning on your web application, JavaScript, or API. This means that you follow security measures above the market standard

Embedded continuous security

Businesses with the Crashtest Security Certificate can demonstrate to their customers that they are proactively protecting them and their data with regular state-of-the-art security scanning.

Crashtest Security Certificate

How to get your certificate

To become Crashtest Security certified you must display a commitment to continually testing your web applications for vulnerabilities.

Our criteria to become certified:

  1. Schedule Regular Vulnerability Scans (Minimum of 1 per month)
  2. Run “Full Scans” to ensure testing your application against the OWASP Top 10
  3. Purchase an annual plan of the “Advanced” or “Professional” package


What others say

Secure your software like Flixbus

“The Crashtest Security Certificate reassures our customers that we are implementing an ongoing security strategy and taking every step to protect their data.”

Kay Mathiesen
CEO, Lemon Systems GmbH


Get regular scan reports

See how our reports look and what kind of information they provide you.

Findings overview

Receive comprehensive reports in PDF, JSON, and CSV.

Different risk levels

For each vulnerability, we specify levels for the risk, impact, and probably per each vulnerability. Prioritize what is urgent.

Remediation advice

Don’t waste time looking for ways to fix detected vulnerabilities. We provide you remediation advice directly in the report.

Dev toolchain integration

Crashtest Security seamlessly fits your development toolchain, allowing you to integrate vulnerability scanning directly into your CI/CD pipeline.

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