Vulnerability Testing for Healthtech

Protect your users and patient data by regularly testing your web apps and APIs’ security for PII exposures.

  • Vulnerability testing with data protection in mind
  • Integrate seamlessly into your dev tools, and process
  • Set it up in minutes
  • Easier regulatory compliance (HIPAA)


Healthcare automated vulnerability testing

Encompassing vulnerability checks

Check for OWASP Top 10 vulnerabilities – SQL and Command Injections, XSS, CSRF, XXE, and Privilege Escalation.

Regulatory compliance

Prove to regulatory and certification bodies that you have a continuous security process in place.

Well-documented testing process

Establish a security baseline and record proof of vulnerability detection.

20+ Integrations to suit your build

Embed Crashtest Security effortlessly into your existing pipeline.


Healthcare cybersecurity testing

Healthcare companies are often subject to cybersecurity threats and attacks. Deploy automated vulnerability testing before making a new release for your web app or API.

  • Protect vital PII data – Continuous security and regular scanning prevent patient personal data from being exposed.
  • Automated pentesting – Save time and budget on manual pentests and take care of the basics with automated security testing.
  • Make security part of development – Embed a security-first approach into your dev process.


Integrations fitting your build

Connect Crashtest Security to your CI/CD pipeline, ticketing or versioning system, and even receive chat notifications. No changes to your dev process are needed.

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Compliance-minded vulnerability reports

Security compliance needs detailed vulnerability reporting.

Security threat level

Detected vulnerabilities are itemized and classified so that you can prioritize the fixes.

Remediation advice

Additionally, we provide you with ideas on how to remediate the security loopholes.

Various report formats

Available in PDF, JSON, or CSV, so you can easily integrate them into your process.


Vulnerability scanner with most advanced crawling options

Continuous Security

The easy setup, the scanning of future-oriented technologies such as JavaScript and API targets, as well as the easy integration into our existing CI/CD pipelines and internal development processes were the main arguments for ottonova.

Andreas Katzig, CTO at ottonova

How agility shapes cybersecurity in QA


Cybersecurity in Quality Assurance

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