Black Box Penetration Testing

Use this technique that examines your attack vectors in your web application or API, even with limited knowledge of the design, architecture, or internal procedures.

  • Scan against OWASP Top 10 to offer reliable security control with few false positives and negatives
  • Share security black box reports and get solutions to every weakness while decreasing the time and budget on manual pentesting

Black box pentesting features

We developed an automated Black Box Penetration testing tool to make your work easier, faster, and more secure – Scan, Detect, Prevent in no time.


Create and verify your scan traget.



Configure Credentials (System and application)


CI Integration

Create a webhook and start a scan via the CI Integration


Set notifications

Integrate chat notification (for example, Slack)


Download the report

Receive extensive reports with remediation advice



Black box pentesting benefits

  • Enjoy automated vulnerability scanning to assist identify possible security flaws before attack vectors exploit them.
  • Most recent development stacks are compatible with Crashtest Security, so testing teams don’t have to worry about the underlying programming language or application logic.
  • Generate automated tickets and get reports in PDF, JSON/XML, and CSV formats.


Ample black-box testing report

To analyze your security exposure continuously, we provide you with a document with risk, impacts, and mitigation advice for each vulnerability.

Exposure analysis

To analyze your security exposure continuously, we provide you with a document with risk, impacts, and mitigation advice for each vulnerability.


Easily automated, decide the schedule you need to scan your web application, and we take care of sending you the results, either to the email of your choice or to your favorite chat tool.


Black Box Pentest

What is the difference between white-box and black-box pentesting?

Security and QA teams mainly undertake black-box testing, which is one of the key contrasts between the two testing techniques. Developers, on the other hand, often undertake white-box penetration testing having access to source code and deep knowledge of the application’s implementation logic, design, and internal structure.

Black-box testing describes the behavior of an application and performs functional product tests. White-box testing, on the other hand, may be used to discover the software’s structural performance and examine internal and external vulnerabilities through logic and algorithm testing.

What are the main black-box techniques in cybersecurity?

  • Equivalence Partitioning
  • Boundary Value Analysis (BVA)
  • State Transition Testing
  • Decision Table Testing
  • Error-Guessing

Please read this article for further explanations.

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